Cutting-edge fitness training

Studio Évolution is dedicated to private training.

Studio Évolution is dedicated to private training

It offers high-end services to an exclusive clientele in a luxurious environment at the Laval Centropolis. At the cutting edge of fitness training, Évolution specializes in assessing and designing individualized fitness training programs, as well as in muscular rehabilitation.

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A full range of quality services

  • Personal training
  • Postural and functional evaluation
  • Nutrition plans
  • Muscular rehabilitation programs
  • Continuous training of our experts
  • And more
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Health in your life



Without good health, it is impossible to enjoy all other aspects of your life. Studio Evolution provides solutions to these concerns. Invest in your health with the competence and experience of our team.


Training at Studio Evolution has changed my body and the way I feel about myself. I never thought I could become as strong as I have already, and it feels great. It helped me gain strength and muscle mass after my most recent battle with cancer.

I've never been athletic. I therefore needed a dedicated and competent team to motivate me. A completely personalized program, coaches that are always motivated and motivational and a gym on a human scale made ​​the difference.

I chose to train so I could reach objectives that I considered extraordinary. That's exactly what the team at Studio Evolution helped me accomplish. They were always there for me, wether it was to help me transform my body or prepare for long hikes.

Riccardo Olivieri Espace Fusion Design
André Dufresne Notary
Roger Massicotte Investment advisor

Take control of your health like Riccardo, André and Roger.

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