I have never been athletic. So it took a competent and dedicated team to get me to start training. A tailor-made program, motivated and motivating coaches and a human scale gym made all the difference.

— André

I continue training at Studio Evolution because I have fun training, the team is great and attentive to members and my efforts and results are visible and felt, which is important for my physical and mental health.

— Nancy

I am proud to go to the gym every week because it is a great discipline and demands unparalleled rigor. We feel that we are part of the gang! It is an added value to my life, the team is very competent and enjoyable. It's truly inspiring.

— Jacques

Thanks to a super team, personalized programs and follow-ups perfectly adapted to my situation, I developed strength of character, an iron health and an unparalleled level of fitness in more than 10 years of training! Vince has revived my passion for training and allowed me, at age 51, to be able to practice pole fitness with strength and assurance. Studio Evolution is a professional, competent, dedicated and friendly team, which for me is the key to youth and perseverance!

— Chantal

Thanks to my training with Vince, I have more confidence in myself, lost weight and have a toned body! What I like about Studio Evolution is that you feel you are part of a family and Vince's motivation helps me achieve my goals!

— Gaby

The professional, dynamic and competent team of Studio Evolution motivate me to continue to train. Not only has my fitness improved, but every time I train, I feel like I'm taking the time for myself and making the best investment possible, that is, my health and my well-being. Thank you to the entire Studio Evolution team for their dedication!

— Isabelle

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